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Document Management

Secure, Manage and Track your vital information.

In todays fast paced business environment, how fast you can access key records and information, can make a huge difference not only to your bottom line but also in customer retention.

With a Document Management System (DMS) in place, finding this information is done in seconds not hours. Increasing productivity, security and efficiency.

Our secure, scalable document solutions are designed to be fully compliant with industry standards.

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The Process

Digitising your documents and housing them within a DMS is a straight forward process

when you work with XOS.

We break down the process into 4 easy steps and our team of expert document management consultants,

guide you all the way.


Adopting a DMS for your business will improve your responsiveness, increase efficiency and help you 

to obtain security and data compliance accreditation.

  • What if we use multiple printer and copier brands?
    At XOS we offer MPS for Xerox and 3rd party devices. We can cover all your devices and with Xerox replacement cartridges we can also provide ink/toner for most major brands at a reduced price/greater page yield.
  • What will the cost savings be with an MPS from XOS?
    On average our customers save around 30% and in some cases over 40%!
  • Is our business too small for MPS?
    Not all all! Managing your printer or printer fleet can be a timely and costly process for any size of business. Having an MPS provider like XOS takes away the need to manage printers directly, saving your staff valuable time, so they can concentrate on their core tasks.

Our DMS Partners

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1. Assess

Assess and discuss strategies for the implementation of the DMS and the digitisation of your documents.

Working at the Office

2. Implement

Implement the chosen

DMS, along with any other necessities and workflow considerations.

Taking Notes

3. Digitise

Once the DMS is in place, we move forward with the digitisation of relevant documents and content.

Data on a Touch Pad

4. Optimise

Once digitised & routed to the correct folders, we set permissions for

workgroups or individuals.

Your Office, Anywhere. Everywhere.

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