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Workflow Automation.
Streamline Your Processes.

At XOS we provide digital transformation and workflow automation services for all paper based and digital processes, from document management systems to invoice automation and bespoke app development. The solutions we offer are individually tailored to your needs guaranteeing optimal performance.

Our solutions achieve up to 40% reductions in staff labour time and subsequent costs. This will effortlessly enable your organisation to demonstrate commitment to a brighter and more prosperous future.

All our solutions are backed by the option of our 24/7 monitoring and support services to ensure you get the very best support on the solution that has been implemented.

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Scanning and Automation

Remove paper process and admin overhead


This provides highly automated document scanning and digitisation functionality for both your work group and workflow document processing requirements. It can align your business processes and satisfy your standards, governance and compliance requirements.

With one product you can unify the capabilities of all your capture devices with your business needs whilst at the same time making it effortless for your staff to capture and process documents.

Key features:

  • Reduce Key Entry on documents such as invoicing.

  • Automated documents arriving in any form (e.g. Email and Post) and check, verify and post them automatically.

  • Perform lookups and posting of key information taken from the documents and post into key business systems.

  • Improves bottom line results


Content Management

Robust content management and process automation

Offering sophisticated yet affordable document workflow and management solutions, the capabilities provided allow users to capture, manage, share, and protect a wide range of paper and digital content in one secure, central, and highly scalable facility.

Key features:
  • Cloud or on-site storage,

  • Web-based, windows drive mapped or mobile accessed.

  • Speeds up information feedback to customers; increases satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Integrates with existing environments, including multifunction printers.


Digital Workflow

Build and define workflows that reduce costs

Facilitating process management and designed to address the needs of multiple teams throughout the organisation; our Workflow solutions, allow secure data capture management through customisable and configurable electronic forms.

Key features:
  • Automates business processes to take minutes instead of weeks.

  • Permits easily accessible information for reporting.

  • Standardises business processes and helps achieve compliance.

  • Improves bottom line results.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software "robots" to acquire, analyse and understand existing IT applications to enable automated processing of transactions, communicate across multiple IT applications/systems and manipulate data.

RPA presents organisations with a unique opportunity to rapidly automate processes that would previously have required manual intervention from users or have been investment intensive to warrant consideration for automation.

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Focusing at Work

Bespoke App 

We provide tailored software applications, designed to meet your business requirements, delivered as either a feature-rich web application or an on-premise solution, at highly competitive rates.


We combine high-quality design with the latest in digital technology and best practice programming methodologies.


We build systems to be scalable, stable and extensible, while delivering user-centric functionality. 

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  • What if we use multiple printer and copier brands?
    At XOS we offer MPS for Xerox and 3rd party devices. We can cover all your devices and with Xerox replacement cartridges we can also provide ink/toner for most major brands at a reduced price/greater page yield.
  • What will the cost savings be with an MPS from XOS?
    On average our customers save around 30% and in some cases over 40%!
  • Is our business too small for MPS?
    Not all all! Managing your printer or printer fleet can be a timely and costly process for any size of business. Having an MPS provider like XOS takes away the need to manage printers directly, saving your staff valuable time, so they can concentrate on their core tasks.

Streamline Your Business.

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