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Fast, Reliable Internet?
Get Connected with XOS.

With a full range of connectivity options, XOS provides the fast, reliable and cost-effective internet connection, ranging from standard ADSL Broadband, SoGea, Superfast Broadband (FTTC), Ultrafast Broadband (FTTP) and Dedicated Lease Lines.

Having a stable and reliable internet connection is now more important than ever.

With almost all businesses having some form of reliance on internet access, it is vital that your business has a stable, reliable and fast connection with more and more services and systems being cloud-based.


With access to all of the main providers, XOS provides cost-effective and industry-leading connectivity options for

your business, no matter how large or small.

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Single Order Connectivity is here

In the biggest change to telecommunications in 30 years.


PSTN and ISDN services will be switched off by December 2025 and a stop-sell of these services by 2023, meaning connectivity will no longer be supported by traditional copper telephone lines.

Key Features:

  • Available to over 28 million UK premises.

  • Low and medium bandwidths available.

SuperFast Broadband

Superfast broadband (otherwise recognised as FTTC or Fibre to the Cabinet), simply means the data travels faster along fibre cables to the nearest supply point in your vicinity. 

XOS's superfast solution has increased speeds due to reduced data travel distance, providing your business with more bandwidth to embrace innovative technologies.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited data usage.

  • Download options of 38 Mbps or 76 Mbps and upload speed of up to 19 Mbps.

UltraFast Broadband(FTTP)

The race to ultrafast, full fibre broadband is underway with FTTP providers working hard to expand the UK coverage network.

The current Openreach coverage for FTTP is approximately 4.7 million premises with a further 2.4 million expected by the end of 2021.

FTTP is a full fibre solution which offers download speeds of up to 1Gbps, making it the fastest broadband product available to the market.

Key Features: 

  • Full fibre cable from the exchange to the premises.

  • Easy to overlay additional IP services such as VoIP.

  • Download speeds of up to 1Gbps.

  • Single Order product with no phone line required.

Dedicated LeaseLines

Ethernet leased lines offer guaranteed performance with simultaneous and symmetrical bandwidth.

Leased lines are available as an Internet Access product, with the option of having managed CPE (customer premises equipment) and services or a wires only service, meaning you can choose what works best for you and your customers.

We also offer Ethernet Point to Point, linking two customer premises or a premises and data centre, outside of the coverage of the XOS's network or where internet access is not required.

Key Features: 

  • Guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth.

  • Choice of the UK’s leading carriers.

  • Ultra low latency and high availability.

  • High performance, always on connection.

  • Leading SLAs and SLGs

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Wireless Leased Lines

Dedicated internet, installed within a week!

Wireless leased lines can be installed and used as a primary circuit or as a fully resilient 100% uptime solution, when combined with one of our other wired leased lines.

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Working from Home

4G Unlimited 

4G Internet is a cost-effective and reliable solution for areas with no fibre availability.

Using a 4G Internet solution from XOS allows organisations to deploy fast internet for everyday requirements with only a small amount of installation work required. 

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  • What if we use multiple printer and copier brands?
    At XOS we offer MPS for Xerox and 3rd party devices. We can cover all your devices and with Xerox replacement cartridges we can also provide ink/toner for most major brands at a reduced price/greater page yield.
  • What will the cost savings be with an MPS from XOS?
    On average our customers save around 30% and in some cases over 40%!
  • Is our business too small for MPS?
    Not all all! Managing your printer or printer fleet can be a timely and costly process for any size of business. Having an MPS provider like XOS takes away the need to manage printers directly, saving your staff valuable time, so they can concentrate on their core tasks.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Increase Wi-fi coverage and performance and eliminate black-spots

XOS provide a full onsite analysis of your Wi-fi connectivity to identify and resolve your Wi-fi performance issues. 


Using the latest analytical tools and our team of expert connectivity engineers, you can ensure your organisation is getting maximum Wi-fi coverage and performance across your office environment. 

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Stay Connected, Always.

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