Business Mobile Contracts?
We've Got You Covered with
EE, O2 & Vodafone.

We provide the market's most competitive rates for the latest handsets, SIM only and Data SIM's in the UK.

Our Business Mobile offering ensures that your business can take advantage of our wholesale pricing, with rolling 30 day or fixed term contracts of up to 36 months.

Our award-winning Mobile Device Management system provides you with full control over all of your company mobiles and SIM's, no matter how many users you have or where they may be located. 

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Business Smartphones

All the Major Networks

We provide contracts for the UK's largest carriers for your complete peace of mind.


We compare the best networks, mobile phone handsets and operating systems to build a bespoke business mobile phone package that best fits your business.

If you have a geographically dispersed workforce, we can provide a solution comprising of several different carrier's based on strength of signal for each location.

Unlimited Call, Text & Data Packages

XOS compare the best networks, mobile phone handsets and operating systems to build a bespoke business mobile phone package that best fits your business - including data usage, roaming and sim-only solutions.


By analysing your usage, we can help you avoid unnecessary costs and make sure you only get charged for what you need. We can carry out a free bill analysis on your current contract and identify the ways to help you save money on your current business mobile contracts.

The Latest Handsets

As you'd expect, we have access to the very latest Apple and Android handsets.


You can choose from a variety of contract types, lengths and mobile phone handset options, all with the help of our specialist team.


XOS recognise that having a reliable and high-quality service is essential, which is why we have a knowledgeable support team proactively working alongside every one of our customers to ensure complete satisfaction. 

Award-winning Mobile Device Management

All our mobile customers not only have an exceptional commercial package but they also have the ability to manage their mobile account in real time through our online portal.


At XOS all mobile customers have the ability to utilise this great portal. The features and benefits will help your business manage its mobile estate no matter the size.​

Business Mobile Partners

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer mobile phone insurance?

Yes! We provide fully comprehensive insurances that can replace your device within 24 hours of the fault or loss being reported. We also offer extended warranty over the standard manufacturer warranty. What's more, your device is backed up in real-time, so your replacement handset is identical in every way to your orginal handset.

Are your rates better than going direct?

Yes! We have access to wholesale rates and pass those discounts down to our clients, so you pay less than going direct ot the carriers.

Can you provide SIM only plans and data SIM's?

Yes and Yes! We can provide any mix of SIM only, data SIM's, with or without handsets or tablets, so you can make the most of your existing devices if required.

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