Microsoft Teams
& CRM Integration

Integrate your phone system directly into your Microsoft Teams app and CRM systems

With the mass adoption of Microsoft Teams across the globe, it makes sense for your phone system to fully integrate with Teams, so that it becomes your single communication tool.

Or perhaps all of your client data resides within your CRM system - wouldn't it be great if you could just 'click to call'?

Well our Telephone systems can do that and more.

Not only do our Hosted Platforms fully integrate with Microsoft Teams and almost all CRM's systems, we can also integrate with custom built business software, so that you can communicate the way you feel is most efficient for your business.

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Online Workshop

Teams Integration

Seamlessly call landlines and mobiles directly via your Microsoft Teams app.

Working at the Office

CRM Integration

Our hosted VOIP system integrates with any web based CRM, seamlessly and efficiently.

Working with Laptop

Feature Rich

Retain all the features of a fully hosted system when you integrate into Teams or CRM.

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Cost Effective

Utilise our cost-effective VOIP tariffs instead of Microsoft's higher call charges.

Our Solutions Integrate With...

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google search logo.png many more.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have Teams as my only communication tool?

Yes! With our Teams integration solution, you can do exactly that! This means that your entire workforce can call any landline or mobile directly via Teams whilst having all of the other great Teams features at their finger tips.

Is Teams integration complicated or expensive?

No not at all. In fact, our solution is just as cost effective and as simple to manage as a traditional VOIP system.

Do we need to get our IT department involved?

Only for the initial set-up, thereafter it is very simple to manage via a self-service portal, no different to a traditional VOIP solution.

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